Economic Growth Projections: Coast to Coast Reaction

If you’re getting ready to debate Trump’s proposed tax plan at the holiday dinner table with your uncle or aunt who wants to make America great again, here are some articles and columns that can help you organize your arguments a little. There’s feedback on the Trump tax plan from California to Kansas to New … More Economic Growth Projections: Coast to Coast Reaction

Wall Street Wins

Throughout the 2016 election, candidate Trump routinely went after Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall Street calling into question her paid speeches to Wall Street executives in particular. Since the election, which Donald Trump won with a significant anti-Wall Street message, he has been routinely installing Wall Street executives in his administration and, in … More Wall Street Wins

Obamacare “Replacement”

The Republicans released their replacement of Obamacare Monday afternoon. Here are the most important takeaways: The plan includes tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans There will be less financial support for older and poorer Americans Because there is less money raised in taxes, many Americans will effectively lose their coverage Republicans crafted the plan in … More Obamacare “Replacement”