Manafort and Gates Told to Surrender

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his long-time business associate, Rick Gates have been ordered to surrender in the first apparent indictments of Robert Mueller’s probe of obstruction of justice and meddling in the 2016 campaign by Donald Trump’s associates. While the charges are not yet clear, the timing of the charges couldn’t be worse … More Manafort and Gates Told to Surrender


Donald Trump set off another wave of excitement after news leaked this week that he is exploring with his lawyers how he could potentially use the presidential pardon to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation. The most explosive and unusual idea floated would be that Trump could potentially pardon himself along with others caught up in the … More Pardon

Three Reasons Trump is Not Vindicated

President Trump claims that former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee provided him with “total and complete vindication.” To suggest that Comey’s damning testimony and blunt accusations of clear deception and lying, provided Trump with cover is stretching the truth significantly. Here are three reasons Trump is NOT … More Three Reasons Trump is Not Vindicated

18 Days

Donald Trump’s White House knew for 18 days that National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn was “compromised” and could potentially be blackmailed by the Russians before Flynn finally resigned. In testimony this afternoon before a Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates explained that she visited the White House to share information with White … More 18 Days

Russia and the Heartland

Sally Yates’ testimony in the Senate today and Putin’s unsuccessful attempts to influence the French election over the weekend are again displacing taxes and health care in the headlines. Instead, morning shows and newspapers lead with teasers about Yates’ testimony and further stories about the Trump administration’s weak vetting of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. … More Russia and the Heartland