Tax Propaganda

Republican tax reform advocates and the Trump White House have taken note of the mistakes made during the hapless Obamacare repeal effort that culminated in failure in the Senate. One of the biggest mistakes Republicans made was an inability to make the case to the broader population that their replacement was going to be in … More Tax Propaganda

Essential Health Benefits

One of the concessions President Trump made to the Freedom Caucus yesterday, apparently, was the removal of a requirement for health insurance companies to provide essential health benefits. Apparently. At this point, the last minute flurry of deals and negotiations have resulted in a bill that contains provisions that have not been publicly disclosed or … More Essential Health Benefits

Budget Reveals Priorities

Donald Trump’s budget blueprint reveals what he values. While the President of the United States does not actually set the budget, he has typically worked closely with Congress to determine what can be passed. In fact, there are two major factors that will determine the actual impact of the priorities established in the 62 page … More Budget Reveals Priorities