Trump and Clean Energy Jobs

Data from the U.S. Department of Energy indicates that 3.3 million Americans were employed in the clean energy industry in 2016. By contrast, during the same time period the fossil fuel industry employed 2.9 million Americans. The economic importance of clean energy jobs – fueled by a marketplace that increasingly demands the U.S. play a … More Trump and Clean Energy Jobs

Russia Sanctions

As they were leaving town for the July 4th recess, the Senate passed a slightly modified Russian sanctions bill by a 98-2 margin that calls for reprisals for Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The bill had been forwarded to the House, where it faces an uncertain future, but on parliamentary grounds the House asked … More Russia Sanctions

What is Trump’s Plan for Afghanistan?

It’s understandable that Donald Trump, who was trying out his populist themes years before formally declaring his candidacy for the office of president, would eventually develop more sophisticated and nuanced views of U.S. policy in Afghanistan. Here’s pre-candidate Trump early in 2013: Trump’s call to “Rebuild the USA” is an early version of his “Make … More What is Trump’s Plan for Afghanistan?

Consequences of Scandal: Distraction

As the blockbuster Comey hearings take center stage in Washington D.C. today, continues to look at the consequences of the Russia/Trump scandal that is enveloping the White House and President Trump’s agenda. The first installment of the Consequences of Scandal series focused on the chilling effect that the scandal is having on hiring quality … More Consequences of Scandal: Distraction

Transparency and Honesty?

In January, President Trump issued an executive order to prevent lobbyists from holding positions in agencies where they have actively lobbied for the interests of an industry. The executive order mirrored the Obama White House policy intent on keeping advocates for a particular industry out of the agencies responsible for enforcing budgets and writing policies. … More Transparency and Honesty?


President Trump reversed course on a major policy on Friday. In a dramatic shift from the Obama White House policy, the Trump White House will not release the names of visitors citing national security and privacy concerns. Judicial Watch, a government watch dog group, blasted the decision in a statement on Friday: “Judicial Watch is … More Swamp