Racism and Tax Inequality?

Recently fired adviser to the President Steve Bannon likes it when progressives talk about racism because it distracts them from Trump’s core message of economic, nationalistic populism. “I want them to talk about racism every day,” Bannon told The American Prospect earlier this week. “If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go … More Racism and Tax Inequality?

Trump’s Betrayal

I would be be very angry if I were a Trump supporter who voted for a disruptive candidate because he promised to drain the swamp, break the gridlock, and finally fix some of the country’s most challenging problems. I would feel betrayed and angry for two reasons: First, his legislative agenda has been ineffective and … More Trump’s Betrayal

Kansas is Very Important

With the House and Senate set to take up tax reform with Donald Trump’s White House this fall, the story of Kansas and their dramatic experiment in supply-side tax policy needs to be told and understood. Those who claim that reducing taxes will create economic growth need to be able to answer the following question: … More Kansas is Very Important

Tax Propaganda

Republican tax reform advocates and the Trump White House have taken note of the mistakes made during the hapless Obamacare repeal effort that culminated in failure in the Senate. One of the biggest mistakes Republicans made was an inability to make the case to the broader population that their replacement was going to be in … More Tax Propaganda

Trump Administration Waives Federal Policies to Make Way for Border Wall

In one of his last acts as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly approved the waiver of a number of federal policies to expedite the construction of “wall prototypes” on a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego. By waiving the laws the government is no longer required to conduct costly … More Trump Administration Waives Federal Policies to Make Way for Border Wall

Big Oil Wins

The Trump administration is taking steps to weaken Obama regulations designed to increase the fuel efficiency of cars and light trucks. The EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration work together to establish guidelines that automakers must adhere to in the future – automakers typically have ten years to comply. The Obama administration had … More Big Oil Wins

Witch Hunt?

Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to the ongoing Russia investigation as the “single greatest witch hunt in political history.” In tweets, through his press secretaries, in speeches, and interviews, Trump has pushed back on what seem to be solid facts emerging from the investigation. Here’s a central (and basic) question: If there’s no connection between … More Witch Hunt?

Scaramucci Distracts

It seems like Anthony Scaramucci is doing two of the most important things Donald Trump wants him to do: He is consistently communicating to an audience of one: Donald Trump. His bombastic and chaotic first week in the White House is distracting the media from the Russia investigation. For the only person who matters to … More Scaramucci Distracts

Trump’s Brand

I know a few things about brand. Very simply put, a brand is a promise that a company makes to its customers or clients. The difficulty with brand is less about articulating a brand – what a company stands for and the promises made to customers – the most challenging part of brand is consistently … More Trump’s Brand