About TrumpAccountable.org 

TrumpAccountable.org is about three things:

1) Civility – Disagreement can make a democracy stronger. Disagreement without civility and respect is not productive.

2) Facts – While it’s possible for two people to look at the same facts and draw different conclusions, facts are still verifiable and this blog will make every reasonable effort to verify facts and issue corrections.

3) Donald Trump is our 45th President – Because a strong democracy can only exist when elected leaders are accountable to the people, this blog will either help Donald Trump be a better president or provide insight into the ways he fails the people of this great nation.

TrumpAccountable.org is a project of GreatPresidentsAccountable and support for GreatPresidentsAccountable goes to building community, supporting candidates, creating media and content, and supporting events that help American voters understand the impact of Donald Trump’s actions.