Guns and Right To Carry

A recent Stanford University study provides further evidence that states that enact right-to-carry laws (RTC) see an increase in violent crime. These states not only saw an increase in the human costs associated with violent crime, they also saw increases in spending in law enforcement and health care associated with more violent crimes.

As an example, researchers conducting a statistical analysis of violent crime in Texas reveals that the rate of violent crime rate is almost 15% higher in Texas today than it would have been had the state not enacted right-to-carry laws in 1996.

Now that RTC laws have been in place for enough years, researchers can conclude that:

  • There is no evidence that people in the 33 states that have right-to-carry laws are safer than those in states that do not.
  • In fact the evidence substantially indicates that residents of states with right-to-carry laws are LESS safe.
  • There is a financial and human cost associated with right-to-carry laws.

NRA and gun rights activists are pushing for a national right-to-carry law that would override state legislatures. Candidate Trump has signaled support for this measure in the past and enjoys the full-throated support of the NRA. While the 2nd Amendment clearly protects the rights of Americans to own guns, the gun lobby and the president cannot continue to ignore facts that clearly indicate that common sense gun laws could save precious lives and precious resources.