Health Care Winners and Losers

Since the release of the Senate’s secret response to the House AHCA earlier this week, a number of news organizations have done a great job drawing out the differences between Obamacare (ACA), the House repeal and replace effort (AHCA), and now the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act which tries unsuccessfully to be a less mean version of the AHCA.

NPR’s chart is perhaps the most detailed without getting too deep into the weeds.NPRHealth

MurphyHealthCareWhile not as thorough, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) performs an annotated reading and review of the bill that is worth a watch as well.








Not to be outdone, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) provided a series of tweets that lay out key elements of the bill with his insightful and provocative commentary.

In the end, the winners are predictable: wealthy Americans who will get enormous tax cuts. Losers are also predictable: poorer and older Americans who will have to pay more for health care in the future and who will not benefit from the tax cuts the wealthiest Americans will enjoy.

While Speaker McConnell calls the bill a “discussion draft” there is little hope that the final bill will cover all Americans at a lower cost as President Trump promised before and after he was elected.