Courage and Leadership?

Courage and LeadershipNeither paul Ryan nor Mitch McConnell have spoken about the

While many notable Republican Senators have expressed concern about the timing of the firing of FBI Direct Comey by President Trump, neither Mitch McConnell nor Paul Ryan have issued statements or addressed the issue.

Whether Comey deserved to stay or go is becoming less important than the real reasons for his firing. The evidence marshaled in the documents authored by Deputay Attorney General Rosenstein announcing the firing all point to Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. Very few analysts or politicians believe that was the real reasons. Instead, the overarching concern is that Donald Trump was increasingly angry about the FBI investigating his campaign’s alleged ties to Russian intelligence and also felt that Comey could have provided him with cover for his assertions that President Obama authorized surveillance on Trump Tower during the election.

When Donald Trump says it’s not about Russia, it usually very definitely is about Russia.

In our system of checks and balances, we will soon see if Congress will in fact be an independent and co-equal branch of government or if the Republican leadership will continue to do the President’s bidding. With their silence in the hours after Comey’s firing they are already speaking very loudly.