AHCA Revisions?


With Representatives Billy Long (R-MO) and Fred Upton (R-MI) supporting the AHCA after receiving concessions from President Trump at a meeting at the White House today, it is increasingly likely that the House will eventually pass the revised and amended American Health Care Act (TrumpCare) in the near future.

The problem is that no one knows what it’s going to cost, how much it’s going to save, or how many Americans will lose health insurance coverage.

In order to fully understand the impact, the legislation needs to be “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office which can take a number of days or even weeks.

So to be clear, the Republicans are comfortable advancing a complex piece of legislation to the Senate that they do not fully understand. This is legislation that deals with Americans’ health care and the care of those they love.

Many Washington insiders indicate that the desire to get something, anything, done is greater right now in the House than the desire to do something well. It seems like the desire to do right by their constituents and the American people is less important than their political need to deliver on the promise to repeal the ACA.