Three Accountability Stars of the Month designates three accountability stars of the month to highlight those in the media and elsewhere who vigilantly holding Donald Trump accountable. There are many, many contenders each month, but this month’s winners are Politico, Rachel Maddow, and George Stephanopolous.


First Star: Politico’s 100 Day Promise Tracker lays out not just the promises Trump made on the campaign trail but looks at which are in progress, which have been attempted, and which have not yet been addressed. Other organizations have similar trackers, such as CNN (which has a cool design and no ads), but the Politico tracker is more thorough.


Second Star: Rachel Maddow’s investigation into how Joe DiGenova fueled unfounded questions about former Obama administration official Susan Rice that President Trump used to question her ethics. Maddow explained how DiGenova’s baseless assertion wound its way into comments and tweets made by President Trump with the ultimate effect of diverting attention away from the Russia investigation.


Third Star: George Stephanopolous for his interview with Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin in which he tried (unsuccessfully) to get Mnuchin to guarantee a middle class tax cut and called (again) for the release of Trump’s tax returns. He also notably asked tough questions about the principles that under-gird the proposed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.