The First 100 Days Are Really About Russia

flynnresignEven as we focus on the AHCA and Obamacare, North Korea, the Supreme Court, and countless other high profile issues, there is one issue that has been a constant throughout the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency: Russia.

Accusations that Russia meddled in the US election and that some Trump campaign staffers may have colluded with Russian intelligence re-emerged yesterday with news that the Defense Department Inspector General, Glenn A. Fine, was launching an investigation into former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, for his work for foreign governments.

Sean Spicer’s clumsy attempt to blame the Obama administration for failing to vet Flynn carefully only goes to show that the Trump administration is willing to say just about anything to deflect blame and attention. Here are the facts: Flynn was fired by President Obama in 2014 for insubordination and leadership clashes. If the Trump transition team was willing to hire someone who had been fired by a previous commander-in-chief, it was their responsibility to determine if he was fit for the job. In the world of Donald Trump, however, we see again and again that loyalty is rewarded over competence or integrity.

North Korea, Neil Gorsuch, the time that Trump has spent on the golf course, Syria, the travel ban, and many other issues are important. But the questions that many progressive and conservative Americans have about Russia – and the Trump administration’s refusal to address the issue or cooperate – is the real story of Trump’s first 100 days and will likely consume his next 100 days as well.