Wall Street Wins

Throughout the 2016 election, candidate Trump routinely went after Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall Street calling into question her paid speeches to Wall Street executives in particular. Since the election, which Donald Trump won with a significant anti-Wall Street message, he has been routinely installing Wall Street executives in his administration and, in the last couple of weeks, tilting even more toward the advice and counsel of CEOs and financial industry insiders.

With the softening of support from the white working class base that elected him, President Trump seems to be abandoning his populist conservatism in favor of policies that help Wall Street and the financial sector. Here are three questions we’d like to ask Donald Trump:

  1. Will the advice you get from CEOs who live in a world of corporate jets, mega-mergers, luxury apartments and corporate boardrooms help middle class Americans?
  2. Why haven’t you provided any detail on tax reform, including a middle class tax cut, that you campaigned on?
  3. The last time a Republican president provided Wall Street with very little regulation, millions of Americans lost their jobs and homes. While you work to ease regulations that you claim are strangling our nation’s productivity, what measures are you putting in place to protect average Americans?

With Steve Bannon apparently losing influence in the White House (as Jared Kushner’s stock rises), the likelihood increases that a more moderate and Wall Street friendly Trump administration will take shape.