Winners! Three Accountability Stars! selects three examples of superb accountability from the past several weeks and awards the Three Stars of Accountability. Of course there are many, many candidates, politicians, citizens, and news organizations standing up to Donald Trump and explaining to the rest of us where he needs to be held accountable – there is a long list of honorable mentions!

One key element that all three of these winners share: They are honest, simple, and avoid hyperbole and snark. A goal of is to help convey the impact of President Trump’s decisions on everyday Americans – being nasty, snide, or dishonest is not contributing to the dialogue. So, without further ado, the winners:

First Accountability Star:

NBC’s Peter Alexander deftly asked President Trump why Americans should trust him. The President didn’t answer Alexander’s question directly:

Second Accountability Star:

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial on March 21 taking Trump to task for his use of the term fake news and his unfounded assertion that President Obama had ordered surveillance on Trump Tower during the election. Other news outlets quickly amplified the editorial.

Third Accountability Star:

University of Minnesota Law Professor, Richard Painter, who had previously worked under a Republican president, laid out the fundamental issues surrounding alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence.