It’s Still About Russia

Why is Russia becoming so important since the inauguration? Is it a witch hunt as many in the Republican party maintain? Is it a smoking gun leading to revelations about money-laundering and illicit business interests in Russia as many Democrats suggest?

The answer simply is that no one really knows for sure – and that’s reason enough for a robust investigation at a minimum or, even better, a special prosecutor. There are some encouraging signs that, despite public rhetoric to the contrary, the House Intelligence Committee is forging the foundation for a strong investigation A Politico piece published this morning indicates that the outside rhetoric may be creating cover for Republicans who will ultimately need to convince the Democratic leadership that they are playing fair when it comes to witness lists, subpoenas, and procedures. If Republicans fail to deal fairly with the Democrats and address their concerns then the likelihood of a special prosecutor or joint commission increases.

Here’s the bottom line: If Donald Trump is making decisions with Russia’s interests at heart, then he’s not making decisions with the average Americans’ interests at heart. We need a fair investigation and a hard look at Donald Trump’s taxes to find out if that’s the case.

Image Credit: BBC