“Give Him a Chance”

TrumpAccountable.org also has a public Facebook page, and, although comments have been turned off on the blog, the comments are open on the Facebook page. Posts and replies are monitored for civility and appropriateness and replies or posts that feature denigrating comments or outrageously inflammatory language are deleted. Engagement is one of the goals of TrumpAccountable.org so responses that seem to preclude engagement of any kind are not welcome.

There have been some positive and encouraging kinds of engagement however on the public Facebook page. One thread consists of Trump supporters who are encouraging others to give President Trump a chance to succeed.


Those who post these kinds of messages in a public forum sincerely want what’s best for the country and want Donald Trump to succeed and are positively engaged in dialogue. And they have the courage and integrity to raise their concerns in a forum that is designed to challenge Trump’s decisions and look at them through the lens of accountability. Not all progressives can say the same.

Both as a candidate and as president, Donald Trump promised many things that seem too good to be true at the time and one of the goals of this blog is to balance what he said he would do with what he actually delivers. This blog tries not to look back and compare President Trump to President Obama – the focus is almost exclusively on what is happening now and the implications of Donald Trump’s actions and policies. We can argue that President Obama did not deliver on a significant number of promises (the discourse in Washington D.C. deteriorated despite his pledge to create a stronger bi-partisan culture) and both he and Hillary Clinton were essentially held to account for their failures on November 8. We can also trot out the excuse that President Obama faced an unprecedented effort to stymie his every move by the GOP and that he never got the kind of chance that others are now advocating President Trump get.

But President Obama had a chance every day to deliver on his promises – and this is the same chance that President Trump has.

When Donald Trump promised health care for everyone that would cost less and be less complicated, we all wanted him to succeed. When he discovered how complex and difficult it is to develop an Obamacare replacement and articulate why it’s better and how it covers more people, we were not that surprised. While the exact numbers are still being crunched on the American Health Care Act, it looks like it gives tax breaks to wealthy Americans, increases costs for poor and sick Americans, and will cover up to 10 million fewer people than Obamacare.

Donald Trump still has a chance, as the AHCA works its way through the chambers of Congress, to deliver on his promise. Hopefully he can make deals along the way to cover more Americans and solve the problems plaguing our health care system in the U.S.

“Give Donald Trump a chance” might actually mean “don’t be so quick (or gleeful) in pointing out failures.” This is a fair and legitimate concern. Every President of the United States makes hundreds of significant decisions each day. Not all of them will be judged as “wins” or successes. However, every decision the President makes is a piece of his/her legacy and we can hope President Trump delivers on his promises while still holding him accountable when he falls short or when his actions hurt Americans.