Three Reasons Why Trump’s Tweet About Nordstrom Is Alarming


buildingbrandOn Wednesday President Donald Trump took to Twitter to slam department store Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s line of clothing. So to be clear: The President of the United States has singled out a major US retailer and characterized its decision to drop his daughter’s clothing line as unfair.


Here are three things that are alarming about this:

  1. Getting Greedy – This tweet demonstrates that Donald Trump is still focused on making money. While the motivations of past presidents can’t be completely known, it’s becoming more and more obvious – and tweets like this support the conclusion- that Donald Trump’s goal is still to continue to build his family’s fortune and enhance his brand.
  2. Getting Personal – As a person who still runs a big business, Donald Trump understands that it’s important to make decisions based on data and performance. He has made thousands of similar calls in his career and should understand that good businesses do not make decisions like this based on personality. Trump is again taking things personally, and on Ivanka’s behalf no less, that are not necessarily personal.
  3. Getting Focused – The presidency requires close attention to detail and a thorough understanding of incredibly complex issues. It doesn’t appear that Trump is paying close attention to the work of making America a stronger, more prosperous country if he is so intent on making Ivanka’s clothing line successful.

Another bizarre consideration that comes from a closer look at the logic (?!) of the tweet. President Trump seems to imply that because she is a great person that Nordstrom should feature Ivanka’s products. Does that logic apply elsewhere? Mrs. Johnson, who lives two doors down, crochets stunning pillow covers and she is demonstrably “a great person” as well. With her husband she raised four wonderful children, feeds stray cats, and helps out at the soup kitchen on Thursday nights. Should Nordstrom carry her products because she is great?

While we have to be vigilant about the concrete things that President Trump is doing that will have an impact on Americans’ lives (i.e. policies, tax reform, spending), we need to maintain focus on what he says (and tweets) to understand better the person who currently occupies the Oval Office.

Image credit/CNN