Betsy Devos: Grade F


It’s a little hard to imagine that Betsy Devos did not know to prepare for a question about guns in schools. It’s a major topic for both sides of the gun control issue with many arguments, particularly since Sandy Hook, for and against.

Her suggestion that guns could be helpful in the case of grizzly bear attacks reveals how little she prepared for the most basic questions she faced. There are, of course, several other dozen examples of her inability to answer questions about education policy, student outcomes, the data necessary to measure growth, and the exact impact that charter schools are having on the US education system.

Perhaps the most troubling: Betsy Devos conveyed a sense that she doesn’t have to work to get what she wants. In fact, a chief complaint about many students in our schools today is that they feel entitled to smartphones, good grades, a great college education, and a good job. Betsy Devos, who wants to be the leader of America’s education efforts, has not shown that she is willing to do the work necessary to succeed. Trump has failed American families by nominating an education secretary who doesn’t do her homework.