Regrets on Twitter and in the Polls


There’s a new place where voters who regret voting for Donald Trump can express their disappointment. @Trump_Regrets provides a venue for voters who feel that Trump will not keep his promises and fear that he will not be able to become a more presidential person. A quick scan of the tweets show that many of them reflect the view that Trump’s Twitter habit disturbs them most:


Others feel that his tendency toward belligerence and anger will likely cause problems for the US in the future and limit his effectiveness. In the end, they feel that Trump’s sparring with the press, Representative John Lewis, and Meryl Streep are distractions that undermine their confidence that he can deliver on his promises:


This disappointment seems to echo Trump’s extraordinarily weak poll numbers coming into the election. While dismissing the latest polls in an early morning tweet yesterday, the numbers do not indicate that Trump will begin his presidency with significant support. In fact, according to the WashingtonPost/ABC News poll, 54% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump leading up to the inauguration. Compared to Obama’s 18% or George W. Bush’s 36% unfavorable rating, Donald Trump finds himself in a considerable hole.