A New Trump Promise: Health Care for Everyone AND Lower Deductibles


On Saturday, Donald Trump broke with his party and promised health care for everyone and lower deductibles. While his promise elicited groans and grumbles from Congress, the American people should be encouraged that in a very few days Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare will be finished and that the 20,000,000 women, children, and men who are likely to lose their insurance need not worry.

While there are no details, it seems highly unlikely that Donald Trump can cut taxes for the wealthy, increase spending for the military, and provide complete (universal) health insurance for everyone in America. Every Republican member of congress who wants to repeal Obamacare needs to now understand that repeal will be followed by replacement with better, simpler, less expensive health care.

Making promises on the campaign trail at the Iowa State Fair months before the primaries and general election are over is one thing. Making a promise less than a week before inauguration is something entirely different and we owe it to Donald Trump to help him either keep his promise or explain why he cannot keep it.

He has a number of secret plans that have not yet been revealed to the American people including

  • the plan to destroy ISIS
  • the plan to get Mexico to pay for the wall
  • the plan to unify the American people
  • the plan to get Americans tired of winning
  • and now the plan to provide health insurance for everyone that is “much less expensive and much better…”

What will he promise during the inauguration? Maybe it makes sense to fulfill a couple of his promises and reveal some of his secret plans before he makes any more.