Conflicts of Interest


Donald Trump did little during his press conference this morning to allay concerns about conflicts of interest stemming from his business interests. Trump is breaking with precedent by not placing his financial interests in a blind trust – instead he is asking the American people to trust him when he says he will not be discussing his businesses with his sons who are set to take over operation of the family enterprise.

There are a number of problems with this arrangement but here are two significant ones:

  1. This decision confirms questions about Donald Trump’s priorities. Is he truly going to focus on the office of the president or will he try to continue to control his business interests? This great country deserves a president who will give our significant national and international challenges his/her full attention.
  2. While he is a master of batting questions away, pivoting absurdly, and working around the media, Trump is likely to face a steady drumbeat of distracting questions at every turn. With Democrats’ hands tied politically, much of their attention will be given to raising legitimate questions about Donald Trump’s ethically murky status. Trump will be a more successful president without any concerns about his business or distracting investigations.

Americans want a president who is willing to sacrifice his/her self interest for the greater good of the country. Donald Trump seems to be failing that test even before inauguration day.