Press Conference Wednesday – Red Herring Alert

Donald Trump has a history of distracting the media and the public from substantive and challenging issues by tweeting about or concentrating on topics that enrage or inflame progressives. The most recent example was the weekend that Trump’s business es and potential conflicts of interest were thoughtfully laid out in the New York Times, he worked very hard that weekend to change the subject with a series of tweets about flag burning. This coming Wednesday features SIX scheduled cabinet appointment hearings in the Senate, important votes on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election.

The media and the public – all of us – need to be wary of red herrings thrown out during the press conference to distract from the important work being done on the Hill. There are legitimate questions about Rex Tillerson and his connections to Russia and Betsy Devos and her (in)experience with education. To hold Donald Trump accountable for the decisions that will have an impact on American families and our economy, we have to stay focused on the issues that matter most and not allow ourselves to be manipulated or redirected.

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