Immigration and Melania Trump


Since immigration was a signature issue for Donald Trump during his campaign and his supporters feel alarmed by the number of immigrants in America today, Donald and Melania Trump owe it to the American people to document her immigration status and verify if she worked here in the US illegally. Four thorough analyses of her work history have been conducted by reputable journalists and they raised significant questions about her early work as a model when she first came to the US.

With no evidence at all, Donald Trump began undermining the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency by calling into question his birthplace. During the first debate, Trump asserted that he did President Obama a favor by helping clarify the question of his birthplace for the American people. Donald and Melania Trump need to similarly clarify her status to work here in the US for the American people.

Experienced immigration lawyers like Andrew Greenfield (a partner at the Washington office of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, a law firm with a focus on immigration law) have specific questions about Mrs. Trump’s status that can be easily answered by releasing copies of her applications and visas along with all correspondence with the US Department of State.

Barack Obama’assertion that his birthplace was, in fact, Hawaii, was not sufficient for Donald Trump.  Similarly, attempts to wave off questions about Mrs. Trumps legal status and visas as unimportant will not be sufficient for the Americans who voted for Donald Trump and those who did not.

If the policy that only very attractive people that Donald Trump likes are eligible to work illegally in the US then we should codify that policy.